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Eduard エデュアルド 1/48
ドイツ陸軍戦闘機 フォッカー アインデッカー
Fokker E.II Eindecker


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.

Fokker E.II Eindecker 1/48 Eduard
 1915年秋~1916年春に活躍したドイツの傑作機で、「フォッカーの懲罰」と言われるくらいに暴れまわりましたが、イギリスのAirco DH.2(先回投稿)が登場すると、急激に駆逐されてしまいました。



 パイロットは、先回のAirco DH.2同様、オオタキ(アリイ)の、あの使えないヤツの小改造ですが、こちらは赤いマフラーの別人です。2つ同時に作ったのデス。

Fokker Eindecker was a German airplane that appeared in the fall of 1915 to the spring of 1916, and it played an active role, so it was called "Fokker Scourge" by Allied.
But when British Airco DH.2 appeared, Fokker Eindecker was expelled.

When I build WW1 airplanes in 1990s, I finished them with gross clear coated. But this time I airbrushed this model in flat black first, and put each colours on the model carefully by a 0.2mm airbrush.

The propeller and the engine were modified to rotate with a weak wind. Not only a propeller but also an air-cooling engine of this era rotated itself.

Iron Crosses are painted, not decal.
Wire lines are made from 0.2 mm steel wire. They were cut in suitable length and are attached simply with Instant adhesive.
0.2 mm steel wire is a little thick, but it's easy to make.
But Instant adhesive is easy to come off, so I used rubber bond for repair.

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