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Eduard エデュアルド 1/48
イギリス陸軍戦闘機 デハビランド エアコー
Airco DH.2


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.




 色鉛筆は何でもいいと思いますが、90年代に買って死蔵状態だった120本セットのPrismacolorというのがありましたので、946 Dark Brown、937 Tuscan red、941 Light Umberを使ってみました。


I airbrushed this model in flat black first, and put beige and grey on the model carefully by a 0.2mm airbrush.
The propeller and the engine were modified to rotate with a weak wind. Not only a propeller but also an air-cooling engine of this era rotated itself.

To secure body strength, I assembled it completely before painting. So it was very difficult to mask many fragile parts when painting. And it was also difficult to remove the mask without breaking fragile frames.

The booms joining main wing and tail wing are very fragile. Many modelers don't take the kit parts and make them from wood or brass rods, but this time I took the kit parts.

The boom parts are too thin and one of them was bended from the time of purchase. I made it straight, but it couldn't be perfect.

Markings are painted except for the tail number.
Wire lines are made from 0.2 mm steel wire. They were cut in suitable length and are attached simply with Instant adhesive.
0.2 mm steel wire is a little thick, but it's easy to make.

The wood lines of the propeller were drawn with colored pencils.
After I painted the propeller with Mr. Color 22 Dark Earth or Mr. color 43 wood brown, then painted with colored pencils.
Here I used Prismacolor 946 Dark Brown, 937 Tuscan red and 941 Light Umber.

The pilot is from another kit, and was modified.
The flowing muffler was made from aluminum (a burned beer can).

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