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エアフィックス 1/48
イギリス海軍 シーフューリー

1950年 朝鮮戦争

Made in 2019,
Taken in 2020.



About 1/48 Sea fury, in the past, there was only an old simple kit of Hobby craft. But Sea fury new kit was released from Trumpeter around 2010. However, I missed getting it, so I got the Airfix kit that was released in 2018.
I like the Trumpeter's mold (Airfix is a little deeply carved), but as usual for the other Airfix kits, it contains also closed doors of landing gears. Therefore it may be more suitable for me than Trumpeter.

I think the Sea Fury is famous for its black and white stripes the Korean War, but this Airfix kit has no this paint pattern.
But there was a painting pattern before painting the black-and-white stripes, so I tried to build it. The number code under the wing seems to have been painted in white green in the war. But I guessed this number code was black at first, and painted it over in white green SOON AFTER the war outbroke.
Therefore I took black numbers.
This kit contains both colours of this number code.

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