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ソルジャーズ 54mm


Made in 2017,
Taken in 2020.





They are Hector and Achilles, 1250 BC. It's the Trojan War.
At that time, there was no ironware because it was the Bronze Age. Occasionally, we can see a silver sword in some illustrations of the Trojan war, but it's hard...

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. In the polished surface, if the tin content is low, the colour is red copper (Japanese 10 yen colour), and as the tin increases, it goes to gold colour, to silver colour (like a surface of an ancient bronze mirror of "Han" or "Wei" of ancient China before 300AD). However, the optimum hardness as a weapon is when it is in a gold colour. So, I painted the arms and armours in gold.

The armour is a typical Bronze Age style before 1000 BC in Greece and is correct in historical.
"Greek armour" that we often image is an armour of around 500 BC when Athens and Sparta fought for hegemony.

The armour of Bronze Age is rare.

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