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Classic Airframes 1/48
レジアーネ Re.2001 アリエテ


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.




This is a RE2001 kit in 1990's by Classic Air Frames. I got it in 2020 with Yahoo Auction. But the canopy of PVC was discolored to brown. I googled it, it seems that I can remove browning by reduction reaction with oxygen and ultraviolet rays, so I soaked the canopy in oxidol for 2 months and put it on the balcony during the day. It seems that it takes about a week in summer, but ultraviolet rays are weak in winter, so I need many days. (In Japan, January - March) The canopy had a light discoloration at the top and a heavy discoloration at the hem. The discoloration of the hem could not be removed so much, so I was soaking it for about two months, but the canopy became cloudy milky. The hem is still slightly brownish. It doesn't go well.

This kit includes two sheets of the vinyl vacuum canopy, in other words those are for four planes. So I could try decoloring again with the other spare, but this time I determined to use a milky white one.

The vinyl vacuum canopy has deteriorated over time, and its elasticity has also deteriorated slightly, and it is easy to crack. I carefully cut it out with a scissors for decal, fine-tune the fitting with a knife, and finish with a stick file.

The decals looked good at a glance, but since they were 30 years old, they were very fragile. In order to remove the varnish part of the nationality mark on the wings, I cut out a circle and three axes, but when I attach a circle on the wing, the circle fell apart as shown in the photo! Each ax cut out one by one is also! I wanted to cry, but I spent a few hours adjusting the decals. Of course, some parts were missing, so I have repaired them with paint.

Decals are a big problem for old kits…

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