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イタレリ 1/72
SM79 スパルヴィエロ


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.




The Savoia Marchetti SM79 Sparviero is an Italian bomber that had been used from before the WWII. In the latter half of the war, it was used as a torpedo bomber against Allied ships in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, SM79 models of all kit makers are equipped with torpedoes.

This kit has been on sale by ITALERI for a long time, but I had recognized SM79 as "a funny shaped Italian poor bomber". (From the point of view of AFV modelers, all Italian machines look like poor.)

This time, I have a strong mind for SM79, and bid, won and built it.
I think it is a unique and a cool airplane than I expected.

I painted it with the my standard "my Italian camouflage". I called it "my Italian camouflage" because it is not a real Italian camouflage but is a camouflage in my own image of Italian airpalnes.
In the real camouflage, green and brown are more dark and deeper.

After taking photos, I noticed I forgot the wires between tail wings...
I have no energy for taking photos again, so I drew the wires together antenna line on the screen.
Also, I haven't build pilots this time. I usually use builded pilots of other kits when I take picture. But they were always not able to seen from outside. So I omitted them.(^^;)

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