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Eduard エデュアルド 1/48
ドイツ陸軍戦闘機 アルバトロスD.Ⅲ
Albatros D.III


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.




This is Eduard kit 1/48.
I bought it in 2000, and built a little, and neglected it for a long time, and completed it in 2020.

I airbrushed this model in flat black first, and put each colours on the model carefully by a 0.2mm airbrush.
This time, I draw the wood grain of the fuselage with colored pencils.
However, the colour of my work is a little whitish. The actual fuselage was made of plywood, but it was doped by varnish and was a little yellow brown.
I should have airbrushed with sandy brown, not with tan.

However, when I made WWI aircrafts in the 90's, I used the wood grain decals which I made by myself. This time I could finish the wood grain more easily.

The pipings that connect the engine and the radiator on the main wing are all omitted in Eduard products, so I represented them by 0.8 mm aluminum rod.

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