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Eduard エデュアルド 1/48
ドイツ陸軍偵察・軽爆撃機 ローランドC.II
Roland C.II


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.


2人乗りの偵察・軽爆撃機です。 プロフィパックなので、機銃はエッチングになっています。



This is Eduard kit 1/48.
I bought it in 2000, and built a little, and neglected it for a long time, and completed it in 2020.

This airplane is a two seater recon or light bomber.
This kit is a profipack version, so the machine guns are photo etched parts.
The bomb rack is photo etched parts too.

Pilot is not included in this kit, so I took pilots from other kits.
Please don't watch that the gunner doesn't hand the grip of the machine gun, but the gun is firing. Because at first I didn't intend to take this scene. I came up with this scene when I was taking a picture.

Wires are made from 0.2mm steel line, and they are fixed by rubber adhesive.
If you use an instant adhesive, your hands will tremble and adhesive will stick to unintended areas, which can be dirty. But if you use rubber bond, you can repeat positioning as many times as you want.

A Spad is a painted toy.

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