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スペシャルホビー 1/72
艦上爆撃機ブリュースターSB2A バッカニア


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.

 ヘルダイバーではありません。アメリカの艦上爆撃機 SB2A バッカニアです。

SB2A Buccaneer 1/72 Special hobby

This is not a SB2C Helldiver, but is a SB2A Buccaneer.
A part between the front canopy and the rear canopy, so I extended it with a plastic board.
Some interior parts are made of resin, but this is not for a represent of high details, and is for a mold cost reduction. So these resin parts are not good fitting. This point is common to many Czech kits.
A shape of the wing tip light of this kit is not correct. I corrected it into a round type.

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inserted by FC2 system