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マッチボックス 1/72
ヴィッカース ウェリントン


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.



 デカールは水平尾翼の根元の小さい方の赤字機番 (HE239)だけデカールを使いました。後は塗装です。デカールの顔料部分がバリバリにひび割れていたので、絶対に使えないと思っていたら、ニス膜はひび割れておらず、使えました。

This is a Vickers Wellington.
The Matchbox kit is easy to assemble.
But the inside is very simple. However, I love Matchbox kits because the parts fit very good even though they are old.
Modelers often complain about the thick concave panel lines and the slightly dull edges. But I think these points are the ”taste” of Matchbox, so I didn't modify them.

The identification stripe on front edge of wings is indicated in the box, but this NA◎Y didn't seem to be painted this stripe.

I thought that the lattice frame on the side of the aircraft seen from the window was unpainted duralumin and I painted it in silver, but it seems that the window glass of the part over the lattice frame was painted in the exterior color (black). I noticed this point after completed the model.

I used decals only for the red small machine numbers (HE239) on the base of the horizontal stabilizer. The cord letters and national roundels are painting.
(The pigment of the decal was cracked, so I didn't think I can use it. But the varnish film wasn't cracked and I could use it.)

By the way, in the actual photo, the port side code letter seems to be NA ◎ Y, but Matchbox's instruction is Y ◎ NA. Why? ? ?
Before I found it, I had built following Matchbox's instruction...

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