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モデルズビット Yak-1 1/48 ModelSvit

ModelSvitというウクライナのメーカーですが、1/48 Yak-1、主翼下部部品が入っていませんでした。信じられません。


This is a kit of ModelSvit Ukraine. This kit does not include a part of lower wing. Incredible!
I bought it from a shop "e-kits" in Ukraine on eBay. He said that he get the part from ModelSvit and send it me. If he could not get the part, he will full refund me, he said.
But it have been one month without any report, so I also directly asked to ModelSvit. And ModelSvit said me that he will not cover this problem, and he advised me that I should buy from official dealers. Ridiculous!

This kit is not low price. I will never buy any items from ModelSvit in the future. Because I am afraid of a lack of parts. I think there is a heavy problem of quality control in ModelSvit. Therefore, this Yak-1 was thrown to a trash box. But this time first I got ModelSvit's kit, and I found this Yak-1 is a bad copy of former Accurate's Yak-1. All parts are very dull. If I made this kit, I would lose big valuable time. Even if you have all the parts, this Yak-1 kit is a trash.
Throw the trash in the trash!

By the way, the Ukrainian shop "e-kits" did not give me a refund after all.
In the past, the ask of shortage of parts for Mini-Art tank was also ignored by Mini-Art.
I think Russians are very kind and I can trust them very much, but I cannot trust Ukrainians at all!

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