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Pavla パブラ
1/72 日本海軍
機上作業練習機 白菊21型


Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.







I couldn't get this kit in 1990' s, and have wanted it for a long time. Eventually I got it in 2020, from a store in Czech in eBay.

Parts of this kit are “a kind of parts”, and are not smart parts. But this point was standard as tiny company’s kits in the 1990s.
The plastic is a little deteriorated, and might have been aging.

The canopy is a vacuum formed part, so it is not a just fit and floats a little.

The biggest problem was that small windows on both sides of the hull near the canopy and at the top of the aircraft behind the canopy were not molded. It was very hard for me to open them. Because the thickness of the body parts is about 1-2 mm and the plastic is a little deteriorated, so I couldn't form a smart window shape. Moreover, compared to the actual aircraft, there must be a little more distance between the canopy and the main wing. (The small windows area on the side of the aircraft.) The canopy and the main wing are very close in this kit. In other words, this kit has a little wrong proportions.

However, this is the only 1/72 Shiragiku kit, and the whole proportions of this kit seem to be good.

Compared to Hachette's 1/100 diecast Shiragiku, I think the proportions of Hachette are more accurate. However, it has a big problem. Because of a diecast, its panel lines are very thick.

Underside of Hachette's 1/100 was painted in orange as a usual training plane of Japan. This time I painted the underside of 1/72 with light gray, the same as Zero. I took an opinion that the underside of Shiragiku was light gray in the last period of War and the red roundel had no white edges.

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