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アンドレア Andrea 90mm
Taketoki Kikuchi

Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.









This kit is Samurai Warrior (1300) S8-F22 90 mm of Andrea miniatures.
Since this armour is of the style of the Nanboku-chō period (Northern and Southern Courts period), I built it as Taketoki Kikuchi (1292 – April 27, 1333), who is my far (Is means there is no clear proof of blood relationship.) ancestor.

Even so, there is nothing unique point of Taketoki in modeling.
I painted the Ō-yoroi (armour) with Murasaki-saka-omodaka colour design. Because a samurai Suenaga Takesaki reported that Takefusa Kikuchi wore this coloured Ō-yoroi when they fought against Mongols in 1275 and 1293. (From Mōko Shūrai Ekotoba.) Takefusa Kikuchi is Taketoki's gradfather.
Murasaki-saka-omodaka means Murasaki (red purple) - saka (upside down) -omodaka (Arrowhead plant (Sagittaria trifolia)). This Japanese design means a turned triangle shape.

In 1333 imprisoned Emperor Go-Daigo asked many samurai to help him, and Taketoki responded. Taketoki attacked on secret orders from Godaigo against the Chinzei-tandai (It means calm down - west - observation station, is like as Margrave in Europe.) in Hakata. But Taketoki and over 100 of his clan members were killed.
In 1978, their bones were discoverd in construction site in Hakata.

In this battle, Taketoki made escaped his elder son Takeshige to their home land Higo (Kumamoto). This scene is now painted in Kumamoto pastry, but I doun't think it is a calm scene like as this pastry.

Strangely, Andrea's samurai products have no hair, but Taketoki was called Kikuchi Jirō Nyudō Jakua, was in Buddhism, so I thought it would be OK without the hair. However, since he is a great father who has over 10 sons, I made a mustache with epoxy putty. (Kikuchi Jirō Nyudō Jakua, means Jiro (second son), Nyudo (a title of Buddhist in Japan it means "in the Buddha-way"), Jakua (寂阿 his name as Buddhist). Kikuchi clan has an unique custom that the eldest son was called "Jiro". Standardly, an eldest son is called Taro, a secon son Jiro and third Saburo.)

Andrea's products have some errors in detail. The helmet's band is strange. And no left "Koumoridzuke" (In fact, this area made of pictured thin leather of deer.).

All "Egawa" parts (ear guard of helm or belly) are self-made decal. In fact, this area made of pictured thin leather of deer.
But since I built all parts before painting, I had many trouble to attach the decals at the inner details, like as lining of "Sode"(shoulder board), "Wada-kami"(shoulder strap of belly armour) or "Syouji-no-ita"(vertical tiny board on "Wada-kami").

When I took a picture, the face blacked by shadows with lighting from above, so a tiny mirror is used to shine on the face.

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