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李舜臣 Lee Soon-Shin (Yi Sun-sin)
1/9 Dynasty Scale Models

Made in 2018,
Taken in 2020.

Dynasty Scale Models の1/9李舜臣バストモデル、レジン製です。



He was a great Admiral of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) in 16c.

This is made of resin.
I bought it around 2000, assembled it, and started painting partly around 2010, and it was finally completed in 2020.

Each scale armor is red, gold and black, so It took many time and effort.
Two types of heads are included, one with a plain face and one with a comical and exaggerated looks. This time I took the comical one.

The centre of the eye is dented. I didn't modify it because it looks no problem in the actual work. But it looks a little strange in the photo.
This might express the pupil, but I think it was better to express it with paint, so I should have filled the dent.

The pattern on the blue scarf is random. The round pattern around neck is by self-made decal.

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