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ポストミリテール 90mm オルレアン騎兵連隊の旗手
Poste Militaire, French Officer, (Standard Bearer) Orleans Cavalry c. 1724-1730


Made in 2017, Taken in 2020.




This is one of the 90mm series of super famous Poste Militaire. I bought it just before (immediately after?) the company was closed.
Poste Militaire released many highest quality products in the 90's, but they were too expensive for me.

In the sample of the catalog, the flag, a white sash (ribbon) and tassels seem to be bent, but it was hard to bent for me, and the tassels seemed to be fragile. Therefore these parts are in the initial state, in other words, in the flat state.

The biggest problem with this figure is that it's so heavy to stand with only the hind legs of the horse. I wonder the sample in the catalog and works of other modelers. Of course, there is a brass core in the leg.

This time, after the figure was finished, I took a 1.5mm short brass rod to support the front leg. In the scene photograph, it was erased on the PC.

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