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ハセガワ 1/48

1945年 ドイツ国内

Made in 2020,
Taken in 2020.





The model of the previous photo was finished shiny. I am not satisfied with it now, so I have retried another Ta152H.
Exhaust pipes of this model are too much inside. So I thought I have to modify them more outside at that time, but I forgot it and I again built them too much inside, same as the previous time...

I airbrushed this model in flat black first, and put RLM82, 83, 76 on the model carefully by a 0.2mm airbrush.
Balkan Crosses were painted by me, not decals.

At first this kit was released by Trimaster late 1980's. My kit is made by Hasegawa 1994. From late 1990's, this kit is released by Dragon. There was also a Dragon's kit with Hasegawa's box. It seems that the metal mold flew from Trimaster to Hasegawa at first, and to Dragon at last.

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